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Dear GrandMaster Kim Soo,

How are you, sir? I just wanted to write you and say thank you for the goodwill ambassador certificate. It is an extreme honor to have received this from you. I have a copy with me, along with some business cards in case the opportunity presents itself to help share with those who are interested the art of Cha Yon Ryu. I also do not think that I ever told you that I really enjoyed reading your biography. The book allowed me to understand where you came from and your vision much better. Thank you for the gift. This is the first time that I've ever packed my uniform and belt in my backpack to bring on an international trip. I want to find a place where I can train in the himalayas.

Right now, I'm in the center of the country in a busy town near some buddhist caves that I'm going to see tomorrow. I have to do forms in my mind since I don't have any space to do them. There are not any open fields that I've found in which I can practice. I definately want to continue to my studies with the forms that I know while I'm gone.

During the past summer, I had the privaledge of instructing the children. I wanted to give them a piece of what chayon ryu has given me. It was an honor to be with the kids and I was sad to leave them. However, traveling to India is part of my path. I've wanted to come here for a few years and I feel very blessed to be here now. I'm trying to enjoy the craziness of it all while mainting my center of balance. I was in culture shock for the first few days as I became accustomed to so many news sights and smells. India is a very poor country but from what I am gathering, they are spiritually rich.

I am excited to explore the sights and people as I try to learn a bit of Hindi. The air is a bit polluted here and so I'll be ready for green, clean forest with crisp Himalayan air. I hope to study yoga here and of course go deeper into my studies of what I know in martial arts. I am blessed to have the confidence that chayon ryu has given me and definately want to give that blessing to others. I hope that you are doing well and I'll keep you informed of my journey.

With regards,
Josh Mitchell