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Dear Grandmaster Kim Soo,

I am taking a Crisis Communication course this semester and for our final we had to write letters of appreciation for two individuals that have played significant roles in our lives. I chose you because without your tutelage and wisdom I would not be where I am today, in my final semester at the University ofHouston and my job at Constellation New Energy! You always say that Chayon-Ryu is not simply fighting and combat, but it also incorporates the mental readiness which a person can utilize to survive in today's fast paced world, and you were 100 percent accurate in your thoughts. Since I have been a member of Chayon-Ryu, my ability to cope and handle pressure situations has improved dramatically! When I encounter a stressful situation nowadays, I remeber to meditate, focus and visualize what or who my enemy is. Instead of trying to solve the problem aimlessly, I can now harness my energy towards a specific thing and come out of the situation on top and confident that I handled it in the best means that I know how! Thank you so much for instilling confidence in me, which was greatly needed after my father passed just months before I joined Chayon-Ryu, because without the attention that I put into the martial arts I may not have been able to come to terms with my father's passing optimistically!

Thank You so much Grandmaster!

Your Sincere Student,
Landon J.C. Shanks