Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters

 Date: 20 Oct, 2001
 From: Grandmaster Kim Soo
   To: All Students
Topic: How Could This Happen?

The tragic events that unfolded last month have left everyone saddened and terrified that another terrorist attack could occur again anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

People ask, "How could this happen? How could a person or group deliberately act out with such hatred and evil against so many innocent people?"

There are no clear answers. What is clear is what we can do to better ourselves as individuals. I am referring to the Dojang Hun; specifically, the statement "Respect Others." We say the Dojang Hun often, but do we really understand and follow it?

For many, their first reaction to these attacks is anger and revenge.

Seeking retaliation, they might act out against an innocent person because of their race or religion. This is wrong and I urge tolerance for all people, not only during these times, but always. "Seek perfection of character."

I am terribly saddened by the devastation and loss of so many lives. I would like you to think seriously about why you are training. Read the Dojang Hun and think about each statement.

Have respect for others no matter what their background, their race or their religion. Always set a good example for others to follow... especially children.

You will find that doing so opens up your mind to great knowledge and possibilities.