This photo was taken after the demo at the
Houston Police Academy in February, 1968

(from left) David Yeamens, Grandmaster Kim Soo, Captain Taylor of the Academy, Kim Young-soo, Sonny Thompson, Chief instructor of American Judo & Taekwon dojang, which was a member of the Korean Taekwon-Karate Academy, Seoul, Korea.
November, 2003

I am initiating some new policies with regard to the future of Chayon-Ryu. As you know, I am retiring from regular teaching in 2007 after 50 years of teaching. Of course I will still be promoting after 2007, but I have a goal to promote as many Black Belts and Masters as possible before my retirement.

All students get a maximum of 3 class credits each week. Starting immediately, all Black Belt Club members (i.e., students who have signed up for a Black Belt Course) will get credit for as many classes as they attend. Those students have made a commitment to attain their Black Belt and deserve the opportunity to receive as much credit as possible. It is possible to upgrade your program to a Black Belt Club membership at any time during your training if you wish.

Chayon-Ryu is a traditional martial arts system, not a “kick and punch, strip-mall” karate school. Chayon-Ryu has a great history and proud legacy to uphold. It has a Natural Way philosophy so any person can train and develop qualities and values that help in everyday life, which is the true value of martial arts training. As such, I am looking for leaders within Chayon-Ryu to promote the system and continue teaching the values that helped my life so much. All students who give freely of their time and efforts to promote Chayon-Ryu will be considered for early promotion. However, please don’t expect promotion, it needs to be earned. As a guide, I refer you to 2 articles on the web site. The first is Kong, and the other is the second Daruma Daishi story. Even if you have read these articles before, I want you to read them again. As your knowledge and understanding grows, you will learn more from these articles than you did initially. To qualify for early promotion, it is also necessary to show proficiency in rank requirements, and understanding of the Basic Principles.

Chayon-Ryu incorporates 6 different martials arts to develop well rounded physical skills and mental confidence. At the very least, an adult needs to make a 4-5 year commitment to achieve Black Belt. For a child, this commitment can extend many more years. To encourage more children to continue training, I am announcing the creation of a Junior Black Belt. This reduces the requirements for children to one form (of their instructor's choice) at each belt level. At the age of 18, after learning all the standard requirements, they may retest for their regular Black Belt and receive a new certificate. At this test, they will also be required to demonstrate proficiency in technique and an understanding of Chayon-Ryu Philosophy and the Basic Principles.

Grandmaster Kim Soo,
Founder, Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association