Master Kim Geary demonstrates Bong defense with Master Rick Fine.

Chayon-Ryu Saved My Sister  

by Yolanda Horace

 In the Cha Yon Ryu system self-defense and practicals are part of our training. Even individuals who are not officially in Cha Yon Ryu receive training and the knowledge. Most of the time they are not even aware of it until the most critical moment. My sister is not a martial artist, but she assists me by helping with my practicals and self-defense techniques. During my practice sessions with her she seems to me not interested, but I was wrong. My sister was absorbing the training without either one of us being aware of it.

Two weeks ago my sister was leaving her home with her baby daughter. As she was strapping my niece in the car seat, a man ran into the driveway. This carjacker put her in a back chock hold. This happened so fast that she did not have time to scream She could not breathe and was struggling to keep her balance. Things were going really fast for her It was not enough time to really get scared. Her thought was on her daughter's life and her own. The man was trying to pull her into the car and wrestle her keys away. My sister felt him grab her other hand and bite deep into her flesh, he was pushing her body against the car causing her to be in pain. Since it was unknown to her if he was going to kill her and my niece she acted from memory of our practice sessions. At that moment my sister started to use the technique that is required to get out of a chock hold situation. Grabbing his arm to get breath, she moved her head in the crease of his arm to breathe, then a jab to the solar plexus made him loosen his hold, stomping on his foot with her boots, he immediately let go, then she punched him in the face, he stumbled and ran off into the night. My sister grabbed her daughter and ran into the house.

By the time she called me she was hysterical crying, screaming, and afraid. I yelled at her to call the police, stay in the house, and call my brother to come to her since he was closer. When I arrived there were dozens of police officers and an ambulance. As I ran from the car the police told me to calm down and that my sister and niece was all right. One of the officers said that what my sister did saved her life. I was told that not many women are aware of self-defense techniques that actually work or how to get yourself out of dangerous situations without going into a panic.

My sister is more aware now of people, places, and situations. Although she is still a little afraid of going out alone, I can see the confidence in her starting to grow in other ways. Now she knows she is able to defend herself, and not be a victim. She comes over almost everyday to watch me practice and help with my practical self-defense training now. During that time I try to encourage her to come to our Cha Yon Ryu class and join. I am not sure if she will join our training now, but when she is ready I know that she will come ready and willing to train and work hard. She is learning now by the way she pays closer attention when I practice with her. I know she is gaining the knowledge of Cha Yon Ryu.