Everyone is a Master

by Grainne Matthews, 6th Gup, Houston, Texas

Do you know what it takes to become a Chayon Ryu Master? Grand Master Kim Soo says you already are one: “We are all masters inside.” Training in Chayon Ryu is designed to help “awaken our inner master.” Master status does not come from outside; we have to find it inside.

Chayon Ryu is about capitalizing on natural body movements and skills we already use everyday without thinking. These are natural human body movements and do not depend on humans trying to imitate other animals. Chayon Ryu does not help us to become fast like a tiger, to strike like a snake, or to fly like a bird. Chayon Ryu focuses on releasing our natural human abilities to block, strike, and kick.

This is why Chayon Ryu is a lifestyle martial arts system that anyone of any age or physical ability can use to improve their physical and mental life.