Seoul, Korea
Inwang Mountain, 1963

Grandmaster Kim Soo used to go to the mountains near his home to practice his kihop. He would find a place to be alone and work on the sound and power of his shout.

by Yolanda Horace, 5th Gup, Houston, Texas

In your training you will learn many things such as basic movements, falling, avoidance, basic forms, etc.

As you advance in your belt, you it is your responsibility to know what is required for testing. Some students make the mistake of waiting until a week before testing to find someone to assist them with their forms. This will only make you anxious and not sure of yourself. This is not the correct way.

Here are some suggestions for learning your requirements.

1.After class or before class find a higher rank that you are comfortable with. Advise him/her that you need to be instructed on your required forms. No one will refuse your request.

2.When your instructor is teaching you your requirements, it is up to you to pay full attention and to practice what you have learned.

3. Learn one form first, perfect it, then learn your other requirements. Pace yourself so that you are not overwhelmed.

4. If there is something you do not understand immediately ask for assistance. There are many people available to guide you.

5. Be your own motivator. Practice, study, and believe in your abilities

Also remember, just because you have the required hours, take your time. You may need extra time to perfect your skills. Be patient. time will tell when you are ready to progress to the next level.