Back: Joshua Mitchell, Master Mitchell, GM Kim Soo, JD Haglan and Matt Mitchell.
Front: Zane Haglan and Ross Haglan

Public School Barrier Broken
by Master David Mitchell

ChaYon-Ryu is making history! For many, many years I have sought the approval of the Public Schools to include ChaYon-Ryu as part of the school curriculum. The main reason I wanted this was because I knew Grandmaster Kim had spoken of this many times. Also, I was his student at the University of Houston in his very first class there. So, it has always been important for me to make it work out. This has never been an easy task as there are so many "mountains" one must climb to finally reach the destination. The school system in which I teach has always closed the door when it came to accepting our art of ChaYon-Ryu as part of the curriculum. However...Mooresville High School has seen the total picture. 

ChaYon-Ryu is such an "easy fit" within the educational realm as it touches all aspects of "character development." Many school districts are seeking this concept and, indeed, are spending thousands of dollars trying to come up with a plan that works.
The "plan" is the art which Grandmaster Kim Soo brought to us from Korea in 1968. It is so simple that, to many educators, it seems too good to be true. So, it is so very difficult to get a person in the position of authority to understand how ChaYon-Ryu can be so beneficial to students in the public school system.

One way in which we may impart our art to the public schools is by teaching it as it is taught at the World Headquarters in Houston, Texas. It should be kept "pure" and untainted by some other form of martial arts training. "Pure" ChaYon-Ryu is the answer. This shall bring about success in your endeavor.

Also, most people do not understand that in order to teach ChaYon-Ryu in the public school domain, you must have state certification in the public school system. The reason is because the instructor delivers the knowledge to the student and assesses the student's knowledge through testing and then gives a grade for the curriculum the student has learned.

We at ChaYon-Ryu in North Carolina, have broken the barrier and I am so pleased to inform everyone that Mr. J. D. Haglan, Second Dan Black Belt ChaYon-Ryu instructor, teacher and counselor at Mooresville High School in Mooresville, North Carolina, has been accepted by the Principal of Mooresville High School as a ChaYon-Ryu instructor.

One may ask the significance of this and I hope everyone does because I want all of ChaYon-Ryu students and Instructors to understand the history within the martial arts world that is taking place at this school. There has never been an official class like this ....not ever before which has continued on year after year and is within the public school curriculum.

This will be national news as Mr. J. D. Haglan teaches 30 students at the beginning of the Fall semester 2008. This will allow more recognition to ChaYon-Ryu, Grandmaster Kim Soo, and also Mr. Haglan and the Mooresville High School.

It is so very important that we look at the struggle that has taken place within the lives of the instructors in ChaYon-Ryu of North Carolina. Mr. Haglan had set this class in motion in early August of 2004. On January 24, 2005, five weeks after completing the first rank test and first semester of teaching ChaYon-Ryu at Mooresville High School Mr. Haglan was struck a severe blow to find that he had cancer. As Mr. Haglan became more and more ill, it was obvious that he was going to lose the class. Other instructors became very concerned but one instructor really came through for ChaYon-Ryu and for Mr. Haglan. Master Bob Knott, now Chief Instructor in Japan, went well above and beyond anyone's expectations and finished teaching through the 2nd semester giving the second rank test.  In addition, he continued this class through the fall semester of 2005 until a conflict in his work schedule would not allow him to teach this class anymore. I believe this may be one of the reasons that the school system so readily allowed Mr. Haglan to start the program once again. I mention this because it should be noted that Grandmaster wishes for us all to work together in order to build a stronger ChaYon-Ryu system. Truth be told, Master Knott set a good example of this for us all.

But it has been the courage of Mr. J.D. Haglan in fighting and defeating this very serious type of cancer that Mr. Haglan demonstrated to us all that made me realize he had obtained the basic principles of ChaYon-Ryu and was applying this in his fight against cancer. He is a warrior in life and it is important for us all to realize that by setting goals and being true to yourself and our art, you might just succeed as Mr. Haglan has done here. It should be noted that Mr. J. D. Haglan is an incredible person with, in many cases, the spirit of an ancient warrior. I really appreciate him so much for all he is doing for ChaYon-Ryu.

Master David Mitchell