1st Trip back to Korea in 1972

Grandmaster Kim Soo's 1st visit to Korea, in June 1972, since he left in Jan. 1968.

He received a warm welcome by family and friends at the Kimpo airport. John Coon, one of his students, accompanied him. He left Korea without money and a permanent visa and returned 4 years later with a student and nice suit, so there were rumors that he was supported by the Korean CIA and American Mafia. Of course, that was false.
Grandmaster also visited the TaeSoo-Do association in Seoul, Korea.

Chief master of Chungdo-Kwan, Um Un-kyu and myself.

Student No.1 of Jeedo-Kwan, Bae Young-gee.

Chief master of Jeedo-Kwan, Lee Jong-woo.

Senior master of Mooduk-Kwan, Hong Jong-soo.

Chief master of Changmoo-Kwan, Kim Soon-bae.