1969 Family Reunion
Master Kim Soo left Korea in 1968. It was very difficult to leave the country at that time so he had to leave his family behind with the hope that he could return and bring them to the U.S..

Upon arriving in the U.S. he began giving demonstrations and making connections with others in the martial arts community.
While Mrs. Kim Soo and son, Sean, waited in Korea (below) Master Kim Soo was giving a seminar and demo in Texarcana at the Harry Brase Health Studio and setting up his first dojang in downtown Houston.

1969 Demo at 1615 Clay st. (his 1st. dojang): With Moises Diaz and flying side kick.

Mrs. Kim Soo and son, Sean, explore a park in Korea while Master Kim Soo establishes himself in the U.S..
Left & Middle: The family arrives for their reunion in 1969 at the Allen Park near Downtown Houston.
Right: This photo was taken in front of our apartment near West Main @ S. Sheperd Finally, my family was together. It was the most happy moment in my life. I left Korea without money, only with a short term visa. I didn't have any friends here and there were not even many Koreans at that time in Houston. This was my first step to a realization of the American dream,. k.s.