This picture was taken inside the dojang located at 1615 Clay St. on the east side of downtown Houston.

                          The building was an old abandoned building which the owner allowed him to use in return for karate

                         lessons.  It had an apartment attached to the back which Grandmaster Kim lived in when the school was

                         started.  This was Grandmaster Kims' first school in Houston.  It was in continuous operation at this location

                         from September, 1968 to April 30, 2001.  At that time the scool moved to a new location at Milam Elgin

                         on the southwest side of downtown Houston.  The move was forced on Grandmaster Kim by the Houston

                         Sports Authority, which required the site of the old school as part to the property on which to build the

                        new downtown basketball arena.  Everyone who had trained at this school was saddened by the move.