March 1971 - 1st Chayon-Ryu National Tournament held at Delmar stadium in Houston, Texas.

1 Mickey Fisher from Dallas
2 Eddie Grigson from Houston
3 (Then) Master Kim Soo (founder Chayon-Ryu)
4 Chi Youn-tai, Korean Council General in Houston
5 Lee Kum-hong from Korea (president of kangduk-won)
6 Grandmaster Park Chull-hee, head of kangduk-won from Korea)
7 Jhoon Rhee from Washington D.C.
8 Rod Prejean*
9 Rhee Kang-hui from Memphis
10 Kang Dong-won from Tulsa
11 Ahn Ye-mo from dallas
12 Fred Absher from Albuquerque
13 Lee Kyoung-tai from Toronto

*Grandmaster remembers Mr. Rod Prejean because he brought the most students (about 50) to the tournament.

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