Houston Texas, November 1992

(From left to right) Master Yemoh Ahn from Dallas, Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim from D.C., (then) Master Kim Soo, and Master Iljoo Kim, chief representative of Songmoo-Kwan from Cleveland, Ohio

Quoting Grandmaster Kim Soo: "This photo was taken in front of Roberston Field House at University of Houston. on November of 1992.

I had a feeling that Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim would not be with us much longer (he died on September 20, 1993). I invited him to our Chayon-Ryu International Festival, I thought it was important for him to see. He was very impressed with the festival. Afterwards he mentioned that the tropy winners and loosers both looked happy - no one seemed to be mad or sad. I told him that in Chayon-Ryu there are no loosers and everybody is a winner. That's why we call it a 'festival' instead of a 'tournament.'

Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim had spent much of his life judging at tournaments where the competition was angry and hard, loosers were mad and many had injuries. He had never seen a festival like ours. He was impressed. I was glad he got to see it - this was what I wanted to show him about our system.

This was his last visit to any tournament. This is also when he invited me to visit him in D. C. (where he taught me the form Sabang-Kwon)."

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