Omsk Siberia, February 1994

Grandmaster Kim Soo with a group of (Russian) competitior and officials at the "All-Russia Karate Tournament."

Grandmaster Kim learned while in Russia this time that he was the first grandmaster ever invited to teach and demonstrate in Siberia; this was the choice of the government sponsoring body, which chose him after observing his technique during an October 1993 trip. See the article Branch School Opens in Russia for more information.

1 - Vladimir Pekshev (Omsk)
2 - Michael ? (USA)
3 - Sergey Malutin (Omsk)
4 - Nikolay Smirnov (St.Petersburg)
5 - Grandmaster Kim Soo
6 - ? Ellarionov (St.Petersburg)
7 - Alexey Ree (Omsk)
8 - German Emeljanov (St.Petersburg)
9 - Valdimir Michailov (St.Petersburg)
10 - ? (Omsk)
11 - Vitaly Turganov (St.Petersburg)
12 - Valery Hodchenko (St.Petersburg)

Special thanks to Vladimir Pankov for helping us with these names. Vladimir is a Tai Chi instructor in Siberia.

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