U.S. National Karate Championship
Dallas, Tx. - Feb. of 1968

Master Kim Soo demonstrates Hapkido (Aikido) techniques at Allen Steen's United Stated Karate Championships.

Master Kim Soo had only been in the country a short time but was already well known as the only Korean correspondent for 'Black Belt' magazine.

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GM Kim Soo's first demo with Kang Rhee from Memphis, Tenn. performing the two man sparring form; Sorim Jang-kwon. This is the first time Grandmaster wore his blue dobok top in the U.S.A..
At this tournament GM Kim Soo performed his favorite form; SoHoyon (little tiger's Play) in front of the audience of a few thousand.
After the demo at the U.S. National Karate Championship by Allen Steen in Dallas,Texas, GM Kim Soo paused with Master Henry Cho from New York.