Houston Texas, June 1968

The turn-around point in Grandmaster's "rags to riches" story. He'd arrived here with nothing in Janurary and within 6 months here he was...

Greencard in hand, he leans on his first car. We see an old VW, but Grandmaster sees something different. Back in Korea, only the well-off could would have a car this fine. And this was his!

The greencard is also significant; he was accepted, officially here to build a karate system. Unlike the Korean bureaucracy he'd escaped, this was fair and final. He was here, it was approved, and he could begin working on his dream. The card also meant that he could send for his wife and child. A new life was starting.

And if that wasn't enough, here he is in front of his new dojang. An old, abandoned building he would be allowed to use and eventually own by teaching karate to the owner. It had the room for classes and had an upstairs appartment in back that would be perfect for his young family.

Grandmaster was so proud of this moment that he mailed a copy of this picture to his mother in Korea; she would understand immediately how far he had come.

This was indeed a milestone; the re-birth of Kim Soo as the American who would develop the system and become the Grandmaster we all know and respect.