1964 Karate Championship

This program is from Edmund Parker’s 1964 Long Beach International Karate Championship. This tournament was one of the major karate tournaments in the United States at that time.

This 1964 tournament is famous for being the “discovery” of a young martial art demonstrator named Bruce Lee. Soon following this tournament, Bruce Lee was cast in the television show, “The Green Hornet,” and in another role as “Kato” in the Batman series with Adam West & Burt Ward. This led to many future movie roles for Bruce Lee in America.

Among the other martial art demonstrators in this tournament were Jhoon Rhee, Takayuki Kabota, and Grandmaster Kim Soo (Byung Soo Kim in the program).

Grandmaster Kim Soo was invited to come to the 1964 tournament from Korea by Edmund Parker. Unfortunately, Grandmaster Kim Soo couldn’t get a U.S. VISA to make the trip. But, Mr. Parker kept Grandmaster Kim Soo in the tournament program.

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