Seoul, Korea, April 9, 1955

Photo taken after a demonstration, in front of the city municipal auditorium, Shi Gong-Kwan, in Myong-dong street, Seoul, Korea.

Grandmaster was a 1st Dan Black Belt at the time. This was his first demonstration as a Black Belt.

The lettering at the top says:

5th Kong Sudo Exhibition / Demonstration
4288.4.9 (Chinese year 4288 = 1955 modern calendar)

1 - Kim Dong-Hee
3 - Lee Joong-Jae
5 - Lee Nam-Sok
7 - Ha Dae-Young
8 - Lee Ki-Soon
9 - Kwon Oh-Myung
10 - Yu Ki-Jun
11 - Rha Jong-Nam
12 - Kim Deuk-Hwan
13 - Kim Sun-Ku
115 - Hong Jong-Pyo (Grandmaster)
117 - Shim Bong-Seup
18 - Park Yong-Jik
19 - Kim Wan-Shik
20 - Ohm Jong-Seuk
21 - Park Hee-Tae
22 - Kim Soon-Bae
24 - Kim Pyung-Soo (Grandmaster Kim)
25 - Jang Hee-Bok
26 - Chung Seung-Man

Grandmaster Kim Soo remembers:

"The people in the picture are key black belt members of Chang Mu Kwan Kongsoo-Do Association in Korea. I also remember that Park Chull-Hee participated in demo, but somehow he is missing from the group picture.

I remember that Lee Joong-Jae (3) was a government minister, and Lee Nam-Sok (5) was the chief instructor of Chang Mu Kwan Kongsoo-Do organization.

And I will neve forget Yu Ki-Jun (10)! He was a 2nd dan instructor, a Korean Marine, and he taught me when I was a white belt. He had a bad temper and was very mean; one time he scared me so badly that I ran home at the break. He carried a big stick and often hit students on the legs.

He taught me climbing stance, turning, and the H-pattern. Only problem, he taught me exactly wrong!

It took me 15 long years to realize and correct his mistakes. You might think I would be mad at him, but actually he helped me find several of the most important Chayon-ryu principles. By teaching me wrong, teaching me the other side, so to speak, he gave me the motivation to overcome and innovate. This is why I say that I am always learning from everybody.