1958 Demo at Presidential Mansion Square
1st Korean President Syn Mahn Rhee's birthday celebration demo. Free sparring demo between Ik-jin Chai and Kim Soo, this was full contact sparring, with armour, in front of the President. Most of the spectators were martial arts instructors and black belts from all different styles in the nation. This was first trial full contact game with armour in Korea. After the demo Kim Soo became the assistant instructor of Master Park Chull-hee at the presidential security officers training dojang at Gyong Moo Dae (president's Mansion).

Seoul Korea, March 26, 1959

Aerial brick breaking demonstration by (Grandmaster) Kim Soo.

Special demo for 1st. Korean President, Syng Man Rhee's birthday celebration.

At the central government plaza, Jung Ang Chung (Government Central Building) Gwang Jang (Plaza next to Kyong Bok palace)

(Dark figures in background, right, are President, bodyguards, and entourage.)

Photo by Chang Soo Kim, Kim Soo's brother