Seoul, Korea, 1964

Grandmaster with American Army students during a break in a Black Belt Promotion test - outside the Han Sung High School jym. They would often rent local facilities for these exams.

From left to right: Earl Wingate, Robert Dyrcan, Grandmaster Kim Soo, Dennis Webber.

Grandmaster especially remembers Robert Dyrcan and tells a story...

"I was teaching him as a beginner and his front kick was wrong. He kicked with a straight leg, keeping his knee locked. I was trying to get him to raise the knee first as he kicked and not just swing the whole leg.

Well, suddenly he got the idea and his next kick got me right in the groin. It was an accident, of course. He didn't realize that you kick further when you kick correctly. As there was no one around who knew how to deal with such an injury, I just ran out the door and circled the training field until I was exhausted and the pain went away."