Grandmaster Kim Soo with his first makiwara. Grandmaster earned his first Black Belt in 1953 at the age of 14.

It is our good fortune that he has been practicing and teaching ever since.

In fact, at his age and level, this is quite unusual.

Most 'Masters' quit teaching and just direct juniors to teach for them.

A 'Grandmaster' still practicing and teaching on a daily basis is unheard of - except in Chayon-Ryu.

I know of no other system where a white belt can get instruction from a Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Kim often reminds us that talents such as kicking and sparring are not the most important things. He reminds us that if martial arts are treated like a sport, then quitting in adulthood is likely.

"Chayon-Ryu is for your whole life," he says, "You must keep training."