Grandmaster Kim Soo with his first makiwara. ~1963, Mt. Inwang in Korea

Grandmaster Kim Soo used to go to the mountains near his home to practice his kihop. He would find a place to be alone and work on the sound and power of his shout.

Other people also went to the mountain early in the mornings to get fresh water.

Once, when Grandmaster was practising his kihop, he heard a "bang" and "ouch!" He went to see what happened.

An elderly man was inspecting the ruins of a clay pot broken on the ground. Water was everywhere.

"What happened?" Grandmaster asked.

"I don't know," the old man replied, "I heard a loud sound and felt a sharp blast at my back." He continued, "It caused me to drop my water!"

Grandmaster was surprised. He'd been a good distance away when he kihoped - but it was obviously the strength and power of his kihop had caused this.

"I helped him as best I could," says Grandmaster, "but I never told him that I caused it - I don't think he would have beleived me anyway."