Grandmaster Kim Soo with his first makiwara. 1958, The Kim Residence, Seoul, Korea

Grandmaster Kim Soo has one hand on his original style makiwara, and is holding his uniform with the other. His makiwara was just a piece of board stuck in the ground with some rope wrapped around the top. He'd have to dig in the hard, rocky ground, and hammer it in. As he'd strike it, his hand and fist would toughen. (Note the large knot on his fist!)

Grandmaster mentioned that since his family moved so much, he kept having to dig it up to take it with him. Then he'd have to dig another place for it. After moving it many times, he adapted the concept and made a portable one. He would lay it across his lap and do sudo strikes on it.

Grandmaster's uniform is folded in the traditional style. Before everyone had gym bags, this was the proper (respectful) way to carry your uniform.