Song Duk Ki
Seoul, Korea, Dec. 1983


"My own life and my students' lives prove that the benefits of martial arts training are rich and varied and outweigh any perceived sacrifices."
Grandmaster Kim Soo

Song Duk Ki

Song Duk Ki was a Taek Kyon Master who was critically responsible for preserving the art, and thus designated by the South Korean government as a national treasure.

The following photos of Song Duk Ki were taken by Grandmaster Kim Soo over a period of years. As far as we know, these are the oldest photos taken of him. Grandmaster Kim recognized Song Duk Ki's importance early on and began documenting him through these photographs.
(•Using these photos for any purpose requires permission from Grandmaster Kim Soo.)

More photos...

GM Park & Song Duk Ki: This shot of Grandmaster Park Chull Hee with Grandmaster Song Duk Ki was taken by the media department of the South Korean government to display at their exhibit of Korean martial arts at the 1960 Rome Olympics. In the background is the Kyong Hoe-Ru banquet hall of the Kyong Bok Palace in Seoul.

The remaining 11 photos were taken at the same location in February 1964, when Grandmaster Song Duk Ki was 73 years old. Demonstrating with him in this series are Grandmaster Kim and his brother, Chang Soo Kim.