In January 2000, Austin Kim Soo Martial Arts moved to their new location.

As part of the opening celebration, Grandmaster Kim Soo performed the form "Sabang Kwon" in honor of Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim.

Quoting Grandmaster Kim Soo:

"Sabang-Kown is an Okinawan karate form with the influence of Chinese Chuan-fa.

Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim (who used live in D.C. and had a martial arts dojang there) taught me this form 3 months before he passed away. That means I am his last student.

In the U.S. he never accepted any master as his student, except one, me. I have know him for a long time and admired him, but he had never gave me any instruction.

He had trained with G.M. Byung In Yoon in Japan in the mid 1930's. He was a good friend of G.M. Yoon and always showed a great respect for him.

Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim called me to come to D.C. in March of 1993. There he gave me his last instruction - the Sabang-Kwon form.

I promised him that I would call this form "Kiwhang Kim's Sabang-Kwon." The name means 'form of four directions.'

Grandmaster Kiwhang Kim passed away at age 73 on Sept. 20, 1993. I was one of the bearers at his funeral. He was a great teacher, I miss him very much."