Grandmaster Kim Soo's Trip to Korea
August 2004
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Grandmaster Kim Soo met with some old friends and colleagues from his University's Russian Language Dept. ( H.U.F.S. )

Top left: They're standing on the banks of the Han River. You can see downtown Seoul in the background.
Top right: They went to Gyeryong Mountain which is considered to be a sacred mountain for meditation. They also visited the Soota Temple on the Tae Bak mountain range.
Left: Mealtime.

Lunch with Master Yoo on the way to Moran Park Cemetary where Grandmaster Kim Soo's mother is buried.

The scroll behind them reads: "Become someone important in society."
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Master Yoo holds the umbrella as Grandmaster Kim Soo pays respect at his mother's grave. The last time he visited there was one flower ( his mother's favorite ) growing next to the grave. This time there were three, the season had ended, and they were dry and about to drop their seeds.