(Graphic created 6/99 by Frank Jaubert)

Chayon-Ryu is one of the few systems that actually (and honestly) knows it's own historical lineage. (A graphical chart of this history is also available.)

Starting on the left, we have Grandmaster Byung-in Yoon. Grandmaster Yoon brought the Chinese Chu'an Fa (Kung Fu) influence to our system. Grandmaster Yoon was probably the first historically documented Korean ever to be allowed to study Chu'an Fa. Chayon-Ryu students are honored to learn and preserve many ancient Chinese forms (several of which have already been lost to other systems).

In the middle, we have Grandmaster Jong-pyo Hong. Grandmaster Hong studied directly under Grandmaster Yoon and founded the Hung Moo Kwan style of KwonBop in Korea.

Grandmaster Kim Soo, on the right, still makes pilgrimages to Korea to study under Grandmaster Hong. Kim Soo left Korea in 1968 and came to the United States in order to preserve what he had learned and protect it from the mounting political pressures to conform and abandon the old forms and styles.

Interestingly enough, as the circle turns, many have realized what has been lost and are discovering that much of it has been preserved in Chayon-Ryu.

For example; we are probably the only system to still learn and practice the original "Koryo" form as developed in the 60's and then later abandoned due to political infighting. A new Koryo was 'invented' later but pales in comparison with the energy and spirit expressed in the original form.