Moving Out - Last Class in the Old Downtown Dojang
April 28, 2001 / Photos by Master Sean Kim and Frank Jaubert

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The city was already tearing up the streets around the old Dojang. The building next to us had already been torn down.
Master Stephens arrived early and opened the school.
Students arrived, changed into their uniforms, meditated, and warmed up. Everyone was quieter than usual.
Grandmaster arrived... ...and opened his office. He was trying to be cool, but you could tell there was a lot on his mind. Master Stephens (not to put too fine a point on it) explained what today's class was all about.
And then warmed up the class.
Grandmaster came out and started the last class. It was 'Good morning, Sir!" and right to kibon donjack.
He worked everyone pretty hard for about 30 minutes. A typical warm and sweaty Saturday morning class.
Then Grandmaster told us to sit down. He was ready to speak.
He told us why he chose Houston and how it was in the early days. "I was only 28 years old when I first walked into this building..."
He talked about "chasing the Dojang" in Korea and how he was determined to never close his first school.
Contunues in Part 2