Moving Out - Last Class in the Old Downtown Dojang
April 28, 2001 / Photos by Master Sean Kim and Frank Jaubert

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And we got busy tearing the place apart and packing it into boxes. Some things, like the paintings on the walls can't be moved and will survive only in pictures and as memories. It didn't take long until the walls were stripped bare.
Mrs. Kim arrived to find the place torn apart. Although she expected it, she was still surprised. Besides, who knew where we had packed what? Grandmaster's office - it had been a while since anyone had gone through all the stuff in there. Grandmaster reported finding old photographs and documents he thought were lost. Within an hour, everything was piled in the center of the room. We all took a short lunch break.
Then Master Sean Kim arrived with the truck. Plans were made for what was to be moved to where... ...and the loading began.
Most of the stuff would end up in storage. It'll be moved to the new school as needed. After a days work, there was still some stuff to be moved, but mostly it was done. Goodby old Dojang.