Kim Soo prides itself on a long history of students who are committed to continued training, some even starting as young children going into adults. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Facebook, as well as some of the testimonials below.

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"I started Chayon-Ryu a little over two years ago (2015) and recently completed an insurance health exam at age 70. I was surprised when the agent called with the results and said, "I don't know what you are doing, but keep it up. You have the blood pressure of a marathoner and all your other results are the very top of the carts for anyone we have ever tested at any age." My sincere thanks to our Grandmaster and Chayon-Ryu!"

- Don Valentine

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"It has been over 25 years since I enrolled at your school on Clay St. I was honored to receive my black belt from you, in 1975. Since then, much has happened. I was concerned that the benefits from karate would diminish with time. Instead it has evolved. Until recently, I did not realize what a profound effect karate would have on my life. The confidence, the accomplishments and other advantages overlapped into other areas of my life..."

- Bill Fincher

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"My son was doing Kim Soo karate at his school and we went to the dojong for his first rank test. We were hooked immediately - all four of us now train together in the All Levels classes and continue to develop not just our skills but a fondness for the community that Grandmaster, Master Sean, and the students at Kim Soo have created. Ours is not the only family that trains together, either. I guess the saying could be "The family the trains together, stays together!".

- Christi Gell

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"My kids love it here!!!!!!! I would recommend to all families!"

- Chula Hernandez