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Below are articles and contributions from Grandmaster Kim Soo on our school, martial arts, the philosophy of Chayon-Ryu and more.

Speech from Grandmaster Kim Soo at the 50th Anniversary Banquet held at Kim Son Restaurant

System Patch Summary

A Unique Style

The Dojang is Part of You

Chayon-Ryu Sparring

Graduation and Being Part of Chayon-Ryu

A Chayon-Ryu Instructor

Ten Thousand Techniques

A Traditional Dojang

Fighting Every Day


Suryon Misunderstood

Grandmaster in the Mountains

Whose Student

An Ancient Chinese Parable v2

Certificates and Licenses 2013

45th Anniversary Speaker Notes

Duty Letter

Training and Teaching

Ho Shin Sul

Focus and Control

Insuring His Students See the Whole Picture

Black Belt Letter 062712

Learning From Hardship and Tragedy

Rank and Age

What is Cheon-Jik

Black Belt Magazine September features GM Kim Soo's article-Taekwondo For Health Train Smart

GMKS speech to the Taekwondo Grandmaster Society - TKD Health and Safety

New Year Message 2012

My Path to Nam

Defining Chayon-Ryu

Bo Shi

40th Anniversary Speech

The Teacher and Student Relationship

Truth from Within

Timing is Everything

Through Different Eyes

Forms v Freesparring

Treasure Island

Sabang-Kwon Hyung - Master Kim Ki-Whangs Legacy

Houston Business Journal 1988


Byung In Yoon

Letter to Students 2006

Three Ways to Practice Forms

Chayon-Ryu Natural Motion Philosophy

UH 1988 article Martial arts the Kim Soo Way

Interview with Stars and Stripes 1967

2003 new policies

Teaching White Belt Sparring

Song Duk Ki

What is Form

GMKS 2003 Letter to Students

What is a Dojang

Natural Path of Self Defense

Nationalism Means Closed Arts

Master or Magician

Martial Arts Poison

No Patience No Victory

The Real Meaning of Martial Arts

Modern Day Martial Arts

What's the Difference

What is Kong

The Importance of Teaching Basics

The Necessity of Training

Martial Arts is Not Just About Physical Training

History of Korean Karate Part 1

History of Korean Karate Part 2

Dojang Bee

Omsk Interview

The Stages of Training

Natural Way Breathing