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Master Sean Kim is a 9th Dan Black Belt and Chief Instructor at Kim Soo Karate Headquarters. Born in Korea, he was 4 ½ years old when he and his mother followed Grandmaster to Houston. Master Kim started his martial arts training soon after in the downtown Houston dojang.

Master Kim has an art degree and has been a full time martial arts instructor for many years, including at the University of Houston Central Campus, Rice University and ongoing self-defense workshops at Events and Adventures. He enjoys exercise of all kinds and has done dance training in Salsa and East Coast Swing, Zumba, runs, and rides his bike whenever he gets the chance.

Experience and understanding keeps Master Kim grounded when conveying thoughts simply and patiently to his classes. Parents of the kids in the youth-only classes know he really enjoys teaching children martial arts. He also has an amazing gift to essentially run two classes simultaneously (all levels/kids and adults together), keeping everyone on track and making it a quality class for all in a friendly and professional atmosphere. He explains routines clearly and encourages students to practice often, even when not at the dojang.

Master Kim has spent a good portion of his life at the dojang, and many of the original Kim Soo Karate students have watched him grow from the 5-year-old drawing on the dojang walls to the quality instructor he is today. His most rewarding memory is practicing Chayon-Ryu with his daughter who also started at age 5 and continuing to practice with her over the many years until she was his assistant in the children's class. She is a brown belt and now lives in Lubbock and is currently an art teacher.