Grandmaster Kim Teaches a Hapkido Technique

Grandmaster Kim taught this technique on April 28, 2001 at the last class in the old downtown dojang.

Hapkido Technique Animated GIF.gif
Hapkido Step 1.jpg

Attacker pushes (or reaches to grab) with right hand to your right shoulder (actually, almost any attack that would prompt you to use an upper outside block would suffice to start this technique).

Hapkido Step 2.jpg

Bring up right hand for an upper outside block.

Hapkido Step 3.jpg

Use a strike (with a Kihop) to weaken and distract the attacker.

Hapkido Step 4.jpg

With your right hand, acquire his right hand. With your left hand, catch the crook of his elbow.

Hapkido Step 5.jpg

Circle up and left with your right hand as you pivot to the left taking his hand with you while pulling down on his elbow. You don't really need to pull the elbow right or left, just keeping it in place as you pull it down a bit will do.

Hapkido Step 6.jpg

Continue to pivot left, circling his right hand over and down as you go.

Hapkido Step 7.jpg

Follow through into a takedown.

Hapkido Step 8.jpg

Tuck his right hand under his right sholder. Once in place it takes only slight pressure from your left hand on his elbow to keep him pinned down. A harder press will bring the attacker up off the floor making it hard for him to use his left hand or kick.

Hapkido Step 9.jpg

Deliver a down-strike (in this case a palm-heel to the face) with a loud Kihop.