Other Writing Contributions from the Kim Soo Members

Martial Truth-Martial Sports vs Martial Arts by Darlene Saunders

Mudo_vs_sport by Jason Saunders

Chayon-Ryu Los Alamos by Tom Cook

Life Style Martial Arts by Alberto Borjas

Priceless Teachings by Jackie Doval

My Life and Chayon Ryu by Michael Moore

ChayonRyuArticle-TKD Times May 2017 Alberto Borjas

Letter from Dr. Thomas Cook

The Good Medicine by Alberto Borjas

My Chayon Ryu understanding by Jane Reinoso

Refocus on My Focus by Shirley Gonzalez

Teaching Observations by Larry Lawyer

Life Style Martial Arts by Kenneth Kisner

Priceless Teachings by Jackie Doval

My Experience in Chayon-Ryu by Alberto Borjas

Ho Hub Hyung A Healing Form for Balance and Health by Brian Hammer

Letter from Alberto Borjas

Letter from Brian Hammer

History of Chayon-Ryu 45th Anniversary Speech by Robert McLain

Chayon-Ryu Training,Health, and Longevity by Charles Broughton

How Chayon-Ryu Changed My Life by Harvey Brauner

Chayon Ryu Breathing by Sarah Geenberg

Why We Should Avoid Egotism by Melissa Nichols

2011 Letter from Neal Conrey

Ho-Hub Hyung

Bo Shi Public Safety

Chayon-Ryu Training, Mu Shim, and Africa Charles Broughton

Saving My Life by Rhonda Schultz

Benefits of Chayon Ryu by Mr Graham

Chayon Ryu Leadership Training by Don Martin

Understand Do and Sul by David Mitchell

The Story by Jo Brown

Chayon Ryu Training for the High School and Middle School Student by Emilie Ethridge

A Study of Stomping Techniques Found in Forms of Chayon-Ryu by John Rogers

The Circle of San Hwal Mu Do by J.D. Haglan

A New Chemotherapy by Patch Rose

Living the Dojang Hun by Sabomnim Joshua Mitchell

A Thousand Truths by Alex Adams

A Lesson in Free Sparring by Alan Bryson 

My Teacher Told Me by Master Travis L. Willis

Finding My Su Ryon by Caitlin Keith

Thoughts From the 2006 Chayon-Ryu Seminar

UH Student Thwarts Attack

Philosophical Discipline in Chayon Ryu by Hsiu-Bun Hsu 

The Most Important Kick in Martial Arts by Raymond C. Nelson

The Importance of Correction by Jason Murguz

UH Article Karate Really A Dual with Oneself

UH Article Karate Grandmaster Finds Wisdom in Old West

Rice News Master of the Arts

What is the Real Secret for Success in Your Life by David Mitchell

Choosing a Quality Martial Arts School by Master Rick Fine

The Pen and the Sword -Grandmaster Ho Ik-Ryong by Master Rick Fine

Wisdom with Age by Kevin Tunstall

Chayon-Ryu Saved My Sister by Yolanda Horace

How Chayon-Ryu Changed My Sons Life from Amy Hartig to Robert McLain

Article from Bullseye magazine 1965

Letter to GMKS from Kara E. Elliot

Mayor Bill White Proclaims Grandmaster Kim Soo Day by Darlene Saunders

ChaYon-Ryu Is My Best Friend by Darlene Saunders

Martial Arts Mastery by Bill Wallauer

Influence by Yolanda Cyrus

The Importance of Cleaning the Dojang by Anthony Segura

Focus by Eric Fass

Choosing a Quality School by Sabomnim Joe Sullins

Imagine by Erin Sloan

A Wonderful Gift by Robert McLain

It's Up To You by Joe Sullins

A Thank You Message by Janette Weaver

Thank You by Alice Brown

Refrain From Violent Behavior by Hank Parker

Trophies and Competitions by Yolanda Horace

Our Teachers Our Guides by Yolanda Horace

Your Requirements Your responsibility by Yolanda Horace

Chayon-Ryu Students Etiquette Regarding Grandmaster Kim Soo by Yolanda Horace

A Lesson Learned by Yolanda Horace

Daruma Daishi Story by Sabomnim Graeme Cox as told by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Houston Chronicle Article Texans Return Karate to Russia

Everyone is a Master by Grainne Matthews

Chayon-Ryu Can Save Your Life by Grainne Matthews

Breaking Bricks by Grainne Matthews

Roots of Honor by Joseph Sullins

Forget Me Not by Master Rick Fine

Branch School Opens in Russia by Kit van Cleave

How Chayon-Ryu Made a Difference in My Life by Mary Tran

Women in Martial Arts Women in Chayon-Ryu by Kit van Cleave

The Natural Way by David Medina

Byung In Yoon Another Story by Karen Hoffman

Life of the Dragon by Frank Jaubert

Sword Story by Frank Jaubert

The Patchwork Monk by Frank Jaubert

A Lesson from Won Hyo Dae Sa by Robert McLain from parable as told by GMKS

The Wise Mans Ten Rules of Life

From 5 to 75 by David Mobley

How Good is Chayon Ryu by Joseph Slack

Grandmaster Published in Russia

A Valuable Lesson by Victor Pendleton

The Spirit of Non-Competition by Chuck Dial

Houston Chronicle 1990 Karate Teacher Fast on His Feet

Houston Chronicle 2001 Martial Arts Turn Body Into Weapon

Houston Post 1968 Ancient Art Form